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Rite Bite Max Protein Snacks - Minty Chaat

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Max Protein Snacks - Minty Chaat (45 Gm)

RiteBite Max Protein is an extruded non-fried and non-baked (Hot Air Puffed), a great tasting, multigrain, high protein savoury snack. It has 3x more protein than Corn Chips ( Nachos ) & 3x less fat than fried namkeen.

When we are hungry, the very thing that comes to our mind is having quick snack bites. We all love to have chips or namkeem snack, knowing fully well that it contains 30% to 35% fat, low in protein and hardly have any fiber. Our taste buds are satisfied but the unhealthy guilt feeling lingers… But now you have a choice. 


  • 10 gm Protein
  • 3 gm Fiber
  • 0 Trans Fat
  • Multigrain
  • Non-Fried
  • Non-Baked