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Rite Bite Max Protein Professional - Choco Almond

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If you're serious and professional about packing on more lean muscle mass, you'll definitely want to consider making use of Max Protein Professional bar. Getting in the calories and protein is necessary for building muscle, this bar is here to give you quick quality ingredients that you can use to keep up your training.


This bar is delicious power packed made of soy nuggets, whey protein and goodness of almonds over a bed of chocolate. This sugar free bar has a sweet candid taste of chocolate brownie. It is formulated by nutrition experts to give you an edge to perform at your best.


  • 30gm Protein
  • 10gm Fiber
  • 17gm Net Carbs*
  • 5.5gm BCAA **
  • Electrolytes
  • Omega 3
  • PreBiotic
  • 21 Vit.& Min.